Defined goals. Purposeful action. Your dream life.

Could it be this simple?  YES.  

No more diets or 30 day programs.

No more false promises of instant results.

This is real work.  Soul work.  It takes grit and endurance.  It takes focus and dedication.  It takes you and me.







"Jen was more than a nutrition coach for me. She was also my life coach. She's very patient and truly cares for her clients. I can't thank her enough for all her effort in helping me on my nutrition and life journey."

Shannon Faulconer, CPT and owner of Flex with Faulconer, 34

End the War.

  • eat real food
  • keep your favorites
  • gain kitchen confidence
  • soothe IBS symptoms
  • thrive regardless of food allergies or intolerances
  • learn how to shop and stock your pantry
  • personalize your meal prep for speed and convenience
  • change your relationship with food

Let’s be honest, you want to know about fat loss, muscle gain, or both.  Right?

.Can I show you the way to fit back into your favorite jeans?

Yes. And no.

Your body will change.

When you learn how to manage stress, have consist, quality sleep, eat real food, and move your body, it changes.  The loss of body fat occurs when our systems know that it’s safe on all levels to let go of that layer of protection.  This happens over time, not overnight.  

And let’s talk about exercise.  Love it?  Great.  Let’s talk goals.

Hate it?  It’s okay.  I can work with that too. Let me surprise you.


Remember those jeans?

  • muscle weighs more than fat
  • lean muscle mass burns more calories
  • everyone wants sexy arms
  • and a sexy booty
  • booties made from squats do not fit in old jeans
  • heavy weights in the gym make you an emotional heavy weight in life
  • learning how to run helps you learn to run your life
  • yoga not only helps you learn balance and flexiblity on the mat but in life too

Now what?

We set an appointment and have our first date. Do we click? Do you feel comfortable? Am I the right coach for you? Are you the right client for me? If so, we decide how to move forward according to your goals and set up your weekly coaching call for a day and a time. Coaching has no minimum or maximum amount of time. Most of my clients stay with me past a year, sometimes increasing frequency of meetings in challenging times. Everything is personalized to your individual needs.

Your cost: $299/month

Invest in yourself.  Invest in your health.  Invest in your joy.

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